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Meet Valencia Frazier

Dear Future Husband: Notes and Affirmations to My Love is a candid peek inside of the heart of a woman who openly shares loving thoughts as well putting into practice the Law of Attraction through activities that she’s looking forward to experiencing with the husband is that is making his way to her. This collection of notes and affirmations is what any woman desiring marriage can envision coming to pass with her future husband when their hearts connect. When used as a companion journal the reader will be able to visualize what life a of marriage will look like. Perhaps through reading/writing affirmations of their own, readers be well on their way to creating the life they desire with the lover of their dreams. Click here to purchase “Dear Future Husband: Notes and Affirmations to My Love”10384742_10152297823833381_890177405625855326_n


Meet Mikki Keena

Singer Songwriter Vocalist

Gifted with the voice and written song! The soulful sultry sounds of Mikki Keena! Click here to purchase the latest single “One Last Call”608308